Safety Committment

We are committed to the safety and health of our employees and know that our strength as a company is only as good as the strength of each individual.  We strive to place safety and health above all else and we involve all employees at every level in establishing, implementing, and evaluating our efforts.  A safety program is beneficial for all employees; therefore, we believe that commitment must come from employees at all levels.

Safety Culture

Tricter Rig is intimatelty aware of the safety concerns on every construction project.  Our safety program is embedded in our company culture and we have demonstrated an excellent safety record throughout the years.

Orientation and Training

All new employees receive a safety orientation and skill evaluation prior to starting a project.  This assessment provides an understanding of the worker's safety knowledge, experience and any future training they may require.


Tricter Rig's exceptional safety record results from a core belief that safety is not just a company goal, it is a requirement and we have demonstrated an excellent safety record as noted by our "A" safety score with ISNetworld.

Safety and Technical Training

Annual HAZWOPER 40 Hour Health and Safety Training (recertified annually)

CPR and First Aid, American Red Cross

Bonneville Power Administration Non-Electrical Worker

Competent person training at excavation sites

Excavation safety awareness

Rigging safety

Confined space entrant and attendant training

Fall protection requirements and types of hazards

HDPE fusion certifications as required by ASTM D2657, A.G.A., and C.F.R.

   #49 SECTION 192.285 including:

HDPE pipe fusion (socket fusion, electro fusion, butt fusion, saddle fusion)

HDPE panel fusion (hand welding and extruder welding)

HDPE Liner fusion (wedge welding and extruder welding)

HDPE Liner non-destructive testing practices (vac box, tensiometer, & air testing)